Hatsuyuki HF-50DC (12 volt)


$ 2,195.00 


Introducing Hatsuyuki's 12 volt block shaved ice machine. Same features as the Hatsuyuki HF-500E but 12 volt. Easy to use. Just hook the shaver to a 40 AH (amp/hour) deep cycle marine battery which allows you to shave 400 serving or more on an overnight charge. This shaver is NSF listed and will produce the very fine, fluffy shave ice that everyone wants. The HF-50DC will last years with minimal, regular maintenance. Electric version of this shaver is the HF-500E.

  • Hypothermias is an authorized factory distributor of the Hatsuyuki ice shavers.
  • One year factory warranty
  • Hypothermias services Hatsuyuki ice shavers


12-23/32" W x 17-25/32" D x 25-25/64"H

Net Weight:

71 lbs

Shaving Capacity:

4.6 lbs per minute


DC 12 Volt, 9.0A 110W


Tray, Spare blade, Drain Hose


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